How it works 

Compass Rose Floral is an event florist that rents high end faux flower arrangements at a fraction of the cost charged by fresh flower florists. Our floral designers create breathtaking custom floral arrangements that will make your wedding look unbelievable.

Here's how it works! 


Give us a call, shoot an email, or send a note by owl and we'll arrange a Floral Consultation to answer any questions you might have, understand the vision you have for your event, and help you move things in the right direction.


How do you include tall, dramatic arrangements (which totally up the cool factor to 100) without blocking people's view? Choosing which arrangements to get, how many, and how to have them set up in your venue can be really challenging - that's why we have experts on hand to help you through the process! Our staff is specially trained to take your vision, venue, and budget and help you select the best items and quantities to get the biggest bang for your buck! We are here for you every step of the way 


On the day of your event our staff can be at your venue to place all of your custom made arrangements based on the plan we worked out ahead of time. If your event is spread between multiple locations (a wedding ceremony and reception for example) our team will transport and set up between locations. Finally, at the end of the night we can retrieve the arrangements meaning one less thing for you to worry about! 


Feel great knowing that you saved hundreds or thousands of dollars on flowers, threw a killer party, and helped the environment at the same time. Ordering your floral arrangements through Compass Rose Floral helps the environment. Here's how:

- Our faux flowers are recycled for multiple events, multiplying the benefits every time they are used 

- Faux flowers don't require pesticides or fertilizers

- Forests don't get cut down to make space for flower crops 

- Stems are shipped by boat rather than flown overnight by air transportation like fresh flowers (so those don't spoil.) Shipment by air results in a much larger carbon output than bulk freighter transportation.