Eco-Friendly Flowers

Our service helps protect the environment

Most people want to help the environment.  They also want to save money.  Last but definitely not least, they want their event to look Ahhhh-Mazing.  That's why we're so excited about our service!  By renting high quality faux flower arrangements we create a Win-Win-Win situation.  Not only can you get gorgeous arrangements that will make your event look like something out of Hollywood AND pay less than half of what you would at a traditional florist, but by doing so you can also GREATLY reduce the impact to the environment.

Here's why:

1) Reusable Arrangements: Because we use high quality faux flowers, our arrangements are recycled and used at many events.  This eliminates the waste created by each event, multiplies the other positive impacts to the environment (listed below), and also allows us to charge our customers way less than normal florists.

2) Pesticides and Chemicals: Approximately 90% of fresh flowers in the US are imported from South America - mostly Colombia and Ecuador.  These farms rely heavily on chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  A study in 2007 by the International Labor Rights Fund found that 20 percent of chemicals sprayed on Colombian flowers are illegal in the U.S. and in Europe, as they contribute to the contamination of soil and caused health problems for field workers.  These same chemicals impact the surrounding flora and fauna, spreading by wind and contaminated water.

3) Transportation: As previously mentioned most flowers sold in the US come from Colombia and Ecuador.  They are then transported by plane to the US and shipped in refrigerated trucks to their final destination.  Faux flowers, with their indefinite shelf life, are shipped via ocean freight, typically from southeast Asia.  It's estimated that ocean-freight shipping from China produces only one-twentieth the carbon output of Air freight from South America.

4) Shelf Life:  Our flowers don't go bad.  They don't wilt, and they don't have a limited shelf life.  The sad fact is that a lot of flowers go bad before they can ever be used and have to be thrown out because they're not in good enough shape to use for a customer's event.


Dumpster outside of a Denver Florist: stacked full of unused flowers!

Dumpster of a Denver Area Florist - Full of Unused Flowers!