Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why faux flowers?
  • How does renting work?
  • Can you tell they are fake?
  • Delivery / Pick Up?
  • When do I return?
  • When should I set up a consult?
  • When can I see my flowers?
  • How do I secure my spot?
  • Can I buy?
  • Is this better than DIYing?
  • When should I book?
  • Do you do real flowers?
  • Can I use real & faux flowers?
  • What if I'm indecisive?
  • Missing Items? 

Why should I choose faux flowers? What are the benefits?

1. They won't wilt in the heat or cold, with time,  if you drop them on accident, if your great aunt messes with it... you fill in the blank :-)

2. If someone is allergic to flowers or pesticides they won't have an allergic reaction and go into anaphylactic shock at your wedding! 

3. It's the green way to go. We re-use every flower, leaf, and stem. You don't buy thousands of dollars of flowers just to throw them all away within a week! Instead we take them back and use them again at future events! 

4. You will get exactly what you want no matter the season! It's the dead of winter but you want peonies? We can do that!! 

5. DIYing your own flowers is expensive and difficult. Each stem costs between $4-$20 and a normal bouquet has around 30 stems. Eeks! Instead we take on that cost, do tons of research to get only the highest quality flowers, and have our master florist design arrangements for you! 

A bride holding her bouquet made of maroon, burgundy, blue and white flowers receives air kisses from her bridesmaids holding smaller bouquets made of the same high quality faux flowers
A bride wearing a white wedding dress holding a cascading bouquet made of dusty rose roses, yellow mimosa, and eucalyptus is surrounded by her bridesmaids wearing yellow dresses and holding smaller bouquets containing the same flowers

How does the rental process work? 

We're glad you asked! It's pretty simple - it works just like a regular florist but we get the flowers back after the wedding. You'll schedule a floral consultation line and choose to chat on the phone or meet over Zoom. During this consultation we'll find out all about you and your vision for the wedding. We'll send you a quote with the items we discussed and if you decide to move forward you will pay a 50% deposit to book us for your wedding. We will create a mock-up bouquet for you (and tweak if necessary) so you can have an idea of what your arrangements will look like ahead of time (most florists don't do this.) Finally, you choose to pick up / drop off the arrangements yourself or choose to have us deliver and pick them up for you! Enjoy! 

Will people be able to tell that they are fake? 

Pretty unlikely. We have spent hours and hours searching out the highest quality stems that look (and often feel) just like real flowers. You think you're a picky shopper? Take that times 10 and you have us! 

Also, people tend to see what they expect to see - if they walk in and see gorgeously arranged flowers, they typically aren't going to stop to wonder if they're fake, they'll just assume you spent a ton of money on flowers! 

A bouquet made of burgundy ranunculus, blush peonies, and blush cabbage roses with ruscus and seeded eucalyptus is wrapped in burgundy ribbon laying on a bride's veil

Do you deliver the flowers? Can I pick them up myself?

With us you have a few options: Pick up / drop off yourself, have them delivered, or a mix!

If you want to save some money you have the ability to pick up your flowers within 3 days of your wedding and drop them off up to 3 days after the wedding. We just do a $20 packaging fee and give you the boxes / baskets to make sure they flowers travel safely to and from the event! 

Want to keep things easy? For a fee we will deliver your flowers within a time window that works for you and pick them up at the end of the night no later than 11pm. This is usually when the wedding has transitioned from dinner to dancing so nobody will notice. Delivery is dependent on which county you are getting married in and if you choose to have us pick up the flowers there is an additional cost (depending on if we have to come back the night of or the next morning!)

A boutonniere made of purple thistle, baby eucalyptus and silver coin eucalyptus is pinned to a groom's chest who is wearing a gray vest on a white shirt with a teal blue tie

How long after the wedding do I have to return them?

Glad you asked! You will need to return your flowers the Monday after your wedding or event. This can be extended in extenuated circumstances. However - since we re-use all of our flowers we need them back as soon as you can! If you are late there is a $50 late fee charge per day they are late, and then after 10 days you'll be charged the purchase price of the flowers. 

A small arch swag hangs from a thick wood beam. The swag is made of white country roses, white ranunculus, and queen anne's lace on a base of eucalyptus and ferns

When should I schedule an in - store consult?

It is definitely fun to come to our studio and see the flowers and hold your bouquet! However, in - person consults are only available after you have booked with Compass Rose. You can schedule a time to quickly see the flowers and feel how high quality they are here

We do love to get the ball rolling though, schedule a phone consult if you'd like to go over general pricing and other inquiries! 

A small sample of all of the flowers inside Compass Rose Floral's studio

Can I see my order before I receive them for my wedding?

We offer one free hour long consult where we comprehensively go through all of your flower choices, create a mockup of your bridal bouquet, and peeks of what the rest will look like. We take photos of EVERYTHING we cover in the consult and you will have them available to view on your customer file! Then the rest is up to our talented designers to make your flower dreams come true! 

Any additional consultation time with our designers would cost a designer's fee. 

A groom wearing a blue suit with a colorful boutonniere looks at his new bride who is holding a large unstructured bouquet filled with pink peonies, orange roses, yellow ranunculus, eucalyptus and ferns

How do I secure my spot? 

One we have sent you your quote and you are ready to commit, you will make your initial 50% payment. This initial 50% payment books us and reserves your date in our schedule, and the remaining balance is due a month before your wedding. 

A Halloween themed bouquet rests on a windowsill. It is made of orange roses, white pincushion protea, black and white calla lilies, dried and bleached ferns, and silver coin eucalyptus

What if I want to buy an arrangement?

You sure can! The purchase price for your arrangement will depend on the individual stems you choose during your design consult. 

A petite bouquet made of pink roses, blush ranunculus, white peonies, white ranunculus, and boxwood

Is this a better option than me going to Michael's and making my own?

Yes. Absolutely. Faux flowers and usually way more expensive than real flowers. For example, one king protea cost us $22 per stem! Our average price of a real touch faux flower is around $8, so you can imagine when you put 30 stems in arrangement, that's going to add up fast! By renting them from us we minimize that cost. A small arrangement to build for us can cost anywhere from $135-$185 but you get to rent it for just $15!

A bride and groom share their first kiss in front of a black circular arch with pampas grass, coral David Austin roses, blue anemones, cream David Austin roses, and greenery
A small centerpiece with peach roses, yellow ranunculus, coral peonies, lemons, gumdrop eucalyptus, and boxwood

When should I book? What is the timeline like?

The earlier the better! For busy wedding months, June-October (especially September) we recommend starting to look a year before your wedding at least :-) Once you decide to go with us you put down a 50% deposit to secure your spot. Then you either come in to do a mockup with one of our floral designers or we will email you one! You can make major changes (color scheme, adding a large quantity of items) 2 months before the wedding. The second half is a due one month before your wedding. Also, a few months out we'll make sure we get the delivery info if we're delivering for you or make sure you're scheduled for a pick up and drop off! 

Unfortunately we do not accept new bookings that are less than 60 days before the event date. We apologize for this inconvenience!

Do you guys do real flowers at all?

Nope! We specialize only in faux flowers - this helps keep our carbon footprint small and be an eco-friendly company. But if you want real flowers we can always recommend a florist to help you! 

A bride stands with her mom, the bride's bouquet has white peonies, coral peonies, peach tea roses, orange roses, queen anne's lace, and eucalyptus

Can I use some flowers from you and some from a real flower florist?

Absolutely! We do not require that you only use our flowers. If you would like to have your bouquet real and the rest faux, or use faux greenery and have real bouquets and boutonnières, we don't care! Just as long as all of our rentals get back to us, that's all that matters to us! 

(This bride's bouquet was real and her bridesmaids bouquets were faux, but you can't even tell can you?!) 

What if I'm super indecisive? 

No worries! You can change your mind up until 2 months before the wedding on the style/colors you want! After that a change order fee will apply. 

What if I'm missing items after the wedding? 

We will take note of any missing items when you drop off your order or pick everything up after the wedding and let you know. We ask that you get them back to us ASAP, either in person or shipping them to us. If you're unable to get them back to us we will send you an invoice for the purchase price of those arrangements. 

A fall themed cascading bouquet with a rust orange artichoke, burgundy ranunculus, blue twedia, ruscus, ferns, and eucalyptus