Q: Why should I choose faux flowers? What are the benefits?

1. They won't wilt in the heat or the cold, or with time, or if you drop them on accident, or if you great aunt messes with it, or (you fill in the blank)

2. If someone is allergic to flowers or pesticides they won't have an allergic reaction and go into anaphylactic shock at your wedding! 

3. You will get exactly what you want no matter the season. It's the dead of winter but you want peonies? We can do that. 

4. It's the green way to go. We re-use every flower, leaf and stem. You don't buy thousands of dollars of flowers just to throw them all away within a week! Instead we take them back and use them again at future events. 

5. DIY'ing your own flowers is expensive, and difficult. Each stem costs between $4 - 20 and a normal bouquet has around 30 stems. Eeek! Instead we take on that cost, do tons of research to get only the highest quality flowers, and have our master florist design the arrangements for you. 


Q: How does the rental process work?

We're glad you asked!  It's pretty simple - it works just like a regular florist but we get the flowers back after the wedding.  You'll schedule a floral consultation online and choose to meet at our studio or by phone.  At this consultation we'll find out all about you and your vision for the wedding.  We'll send you a quote with the items we discussed and if you decide to move forward you'll pay a 50% deposit to book us for your wedding.  A few weeks before your wedding we'll create a mock up bouquet for you and email you photos so you can see (and tweak if necessary) your arrangements ahead of time (many florists don't do this).  Finally, you choose to pick up / drop off the arrangements yourself or choose to have us deliver and pick them up for you. Easy!


Q: Do you deliver the flowers?  Can I pick them up myself?

With us you have a few options: Pick up / drop off yourself, have them delivered, or a mix!

If you want to save some money you have the ability to pick up your flowers within 3 days of your wedding and drop them off up to 3 days after the wedding. We just do a $20 packaging fee and give you the boxes / baskets to make sure the flowers travel safely to and from the event!

Want to keep things easy?  For a fee we will deliver your flowers within a time window that works for you, and pick them up at the end of the night around 9-9:30pm.   This is usually when the wedding has transitioned from dinner to dancing so nobody will notice. Delivery fee depends on how far we have to drive from the shop :-) In the Denver area or less than an hour will be a $75 fee to deliver and $75 to pick up!


Q: Will people be able to tell they are fake?

Pretty unlikely.  We have spent thousands of dollars searching out the highest quality stems that look (and often feel) just like real flowers.  You think you're a picky shopper? Take that times 10 and you have us. Also, people tend to see what they expect to see - if they walk in and see gorgeously arranged flowers, they typically aren't going to stop to wonder if they're fake, they'll just assume you spent a ton of money on flowers!


Q: How do I secure my spot?

Once we have sent you your quote just let us know that you want to book us for your wedding!  We'll send you an invoice for 50% the total price of your order.  The initial 50% payment books us and reserves your date in our schedule, and the final 50% is due a month before the wedding.  


Q. Will I be able to see my flowers before the wedding?

YES!  We'll create a mock up bouquet for you several weeks before the wedding and send you photos to make sure you like the look.  If needed you can request changes, or if you like it as is you can sit back and relax knowing exactly what your wedding day bouquet will look like!


Q: Does it matter what flowers I pick out to save on cost?

Nope! We have set prices so you can pick out any flowers you want for your arrangements without affecting the price!

Q: What if I want to buy an arrangement?

You sure can! If you decide to buy an arrangement we would put a cost together based on the flowers you pick out. 

Q: Is this a better option than me going to Micheal's and making my own?

Yes. Absolutely. Faux flowers and usually way more expensive than real flowers. For example, one king protea cost us $22 per stem! Our average price of a real touch faux flower is around $8. So you can imaging when you put 30 stems in arrangement, that's going to add up fast! By renting them from us we minimize that cost. A small arrangement to build for us can cost anywhere from $135 - $185 but you get to rent it for just $15!