Barcelona Bridal Bouquet - XL

Compass Rose Floral

Barcelona is an incredible city full of wine, music, and vibrant life. Walking around the city you'll see castles from the middle ages, amazing neighborhoods, and incredible art, all bursting with energy. 

That's exactly why Barcelona was the perfect name for this bouquet. It blends classic and traditional with a vibrant burst of color and life.
Drink your wine, dance, and celebrate life with this bouquet! (Actually do this regardless of your bouquet choices).

At Compass Rose Floral we set ourselves apart from other floral companies by using high-end faux flowers that are just as beautiful as fresh. Why faux? 

- They don't require pesticides or fertilizers.

- There are no allergens or pollens.

- They don't go bad, wild or have a limited shelf life. You can keep your wedding flowers as forever memories.

- The quality is always consistent. 

This bouquet includes (real touch when possible): english garden roses, ranunculus, cabbage roses, silver coin eucalyptus, fern, orchid leaves, and a palm leaf.

Shipping is cost dependent on location. 


Type: Bridal Bouquet