Amalfi Coast Bridal Bouquet - Medium

Compass Rose Floral


*Sighs* Italian coastline and beaches, mountains, luxurious-looking landscapes, what a great place! What if I tell you that you can add a teeny bit of that Italian feel to your own wedding? How you ask? With a faux flower bridal bouquet inspired by the Amalfi Coastline - dusty greens, whites and then POPS of beautiful color.

At Compass Rose Floral we set ourselves apart from other floral companies by using high-end faux flowers that are just as beautiful as fresh. Why faux?

- They don't require pesticides or fertilizers.

- There are no allergens or pollens.

- They don't go bad, wild or have a limited shelf life. You can keep your wedding flowers as forever memories.

- The quality is always consistent.

This bouquet includes (real touch when possible): peonies, english garden roses, tea spray roses, veronica, ferns, eucalyptus, and lambs ear.


Type: Bridal Bouquet