Moriah Nelson

Business Development Manager


Director of Happiness 

I am a Colorado native who has always been obsessed with weddings, although this is my first time working in the industry. When I was 10 my older sister got married and I started planning pretend weddings. I had binders and researched suggested timelines of when to start each part of the planning. One of my favorite parts was looking up the different combinations of flowers! 

Before coming to Compass Rose I did my time in the restaurant industry, managing coffee shops and restaurants.

I grew up white-water rafting, as well as camping and fishing in the summers. I love being outside and exploring nature. I am a DIE HARD Colorado Rockies fan and can talk your ear off about baseball. I also attend a lot of Denver Broncos games with my family. In my spare time I enjoy walking with friends (usually to get a glass of wine), playing video games, and listening to my extensive vinyl collection. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out at: