Kim Green- Flower Boss

I got my start as a floral designer 20 years ago working at my family’s flower shop in New Mexico.  Turned out I was a natural at it and I just fell in love with the industry.  Over the years I have had the privilege of working all over the country gaining knowledge from some very talented designers that really made me the designer I am today. I’ve been published in magazines and involved in many competitions.   I also love to teach classes (with drinkies!) and have trained some very successful designers in Denver.  My favorite form of expression is creating installations.  If you want a custom chandelier of flowers hanging from a 20 ft ceiling, I’m like over the moon!  “Get me a ladder, let’s do this thing”!  Taking on a new form of floral design with all faux flowers has been an exciting challenge.  I am a P.I.T.A. (Pain in the ass) perfectionist and strive to make all the designs look real. If it doesn’t actually grow that color or look that way in nature, it’s out!  I mean do you want drab?  Or do you want fab?!!!

Even though I’m NM born and raised, I consider Denver home and love the vibe of the city and hiking in the mountains with my daughter and gigantic dog.  Really, he weighs twice as much as my kiddo and thinks he’s a lap dog. I also enjoy live music, museums, cupcakes and the movie “Ferdinand”.  He’s a bull that loves flowers!  Staaap! <3

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