Jenni Lietz  

Sales Director 

Overall Best Friend 

I was fortunate to start my career in the events industry at The Ritz-Carlton, Denver where I planned and executed private events & caterings for 3 years. After needing a change of pace, I joined a local restaurant group, where I spent 2 years developing staff and creating processes. These last two years I spent most of my weekends catering for weddings and quickly realized how much I loved being a part of them. All I knew at this point was how to serve some killer food, but I knew deep down the design and ‘pretty’ things is what excited me most. I wanted to get more into the creative side of events & weddings and am fortunate, after meeting Jaysin and Leah at a bridal show, to call this my full-time gig.

I’m the sappy one in the group, no doubt... I always go in for hugs and get goosebumps when I see a bride walk down the aisle. I equally love good food & wine, but spending time with my husband, Andrew and my daughter, Kaylee are at the very top of the list. Although I’m a Colorado native, we are drawn to the beach life and plan to retire there - someday :).

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