our story

My husband and I started Compass Rose Floral in 2017. We got married a few years ago and were shocked at how incredibly expensive weddings are! It's insane! So we created a business that gives couples their dream wedding at a price they can afford, with customer experience as our top priority. We spent months working with different vendors that use new technologies to provide dried, real touch, and other flowers that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing! We then hired super talented Denver Floral Designers to create arrangements that look like a million bucks but cost way less! 


(<--Said husband and wife team)

our name

Why are we named Compass Rose Floral and not after a flower? We are named this as a tribute to Leah's father, Gary Morgan. In 2013, at 52 Gary was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He fought it for two years, before it spread to his pancreas and he passed away in 2015. Gary was vivacious, the life of the party, a small business owner, and a true renaissance man. He could do it all. He was also Leah's best friend (being a huge daddy's girl.) He passed his love of travel down to Leah, and Leah and Jaysin do their best to be world citizens like her father. 

Our Crew

Leah Anderson- Owner

Jaysin Anderson- CFO

Kim Green- Flower Boss 

Jenni Lietz- Sales Director 

Moriah Nelson- Office Manager 

Chris Davison- Event Coordinator 

Mijo-Office "Good Boy"