About Us

About Us

Compass Rose Floral was started by a husband and wife team in 2017. They got married a few years ago and were shocked at how incredibly expensive weddings are! It's insane! So we created a business that gives couples their dream wedding at a price they can afford, with customer experience as our first priority. We spent months working with different vendors that use new technologies to provide dried, real touch, and other flowers that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing! We then hired super talented Denver Floral Designers to create arrangements that look like a million bucks but cost way less.

(Said husband wife team below)

 Our Name

Why are we named Compass Rose Floral and not after a flower? We are named after a tribute to Leah's father, Gary Morgan. In 2013, at 52 Gary was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He fought it for two years, before it spread to his pancreas and he passed in 2015. Gary was vivacious, the life of the party, a small business owner, and a true renaissance man. He could do it all. He was also Leah's best friend (being a huge daddy's girl). He passed his love of travel down to Leah, and Leah and Jaysin do their best to be world citizens like her father. 


Leah Anderson --> Owner


Once upon a time I used to be a science professor. For the past 7 years I taught college, middle school and high school science. Which was amazing, but I was getting ready for a change of scenery, more pretty things and less dissecting things. I love making beautiful arrangements, having my dog at work, and of course the ability to have a glass or wine or two in the office. As an educator I brought my organization skills, problem solving, and making things run smoothly! 

As a Minnesota native I love being outside in Colorado, mostly because here it's less likely I'll get frostbite and die. I love traveling, drinking wine ( you can always bribe me with a Malbec), and I guess hanging out with my husband. I also have the cutest dog in the world. Look at his picture and tell me that's a lie, I'll fight you. 

 Feel free to reach me at leah@compassrosefloral.com

Jaysin Anderson --> CFO

As you can see from my photo, I'm never sitting still. Even when my wife drags me to a photoshoot. I'm an Oregon native who grew up white water rafting and playing around in the Rouge River Valley. I played football in college (a safety, so I can run and tackle but I'm not coordinated enough to catch the ball) at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. I met Leah while living in the Twin Cities, got my MBA, and realized I hate the giant pterodactyl sized mosquitoes that roam everywhere in Minnesota (lots of lakes and all). 

Moriah Nelson --> Office Director

I am a Colorado native who has always been obsessed with weddings, although this is my first time working in the industry. I recently broke free from the restaurant business after 6 years, most recently I was the General Manager of a restaurant in Boulder. 

Like Jaysin, I also grew up white-water rafting, as well as camping and fishing in the summers. I love being outside and exploring nature. I am a DIE HARD Colorado Rockies fan and can talk your ear off about baseball. I will also defend them until I die so don't ever expect me to say anything negative. I also attend a lot of Denver Broncos games with my family. 

If you want to talk baseball or have any questions feel free to reach out at: 




Kim Green --> Flower Boss

I got my start as a floral designer 20 years ago working at my family’s flower shop in New Mexico.  Turned out I was a natural at it and I just fell in love with the industry.  Over the years I have had the privilege of working all over the country gaining knowledge from some very talented designers that really made me the designer I am today. I’ve been published in magazines and involved in many competitions.   I also love to teach classes (with drinkies!) and have trained some very successful designers in Denver.  My favorite form of expression is creating installations.  If you want a custom chandelier of flowers hanging from a 20 ft ceiling, I’m like over the moon!  “Get me a ladder, let’s do this thing”!  Taking on a new form of floral design with all faux flowers has been an exciting challenge.  I am a P.I.T.A. (Pain in the ass) perfectionist and strive to make all the designs look real. If it doesn’t actually grow that color or look that way in nature, it’s out!  I mean do you want drab?  Or do you want fab?!!!

Even though I’m NM born and raised, I consider Denver home and love the vibe of the city and hiking in the mountains with my daughter and gigantic dog.  Really, he weighs twice as much as my kiddo and thinks he’s a lap dog. I also enjoy live music, museums, cupcakes and the movie “Ferdinand”.  He’s a bull that loves flowers!  Staaap! <3

 Feel free to reach me at kim@compassrosefloral.com 


Paige Mason --> Floral Designer 

I’ve been a life-long artist and lover of all things magical and pretty! I moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania 7 years ago to pursue my creative endeavors and to ski in the beautiful Rockies. Now it’s become my forever home and I’m so thankful to be here! In my spare time I’m a dancer/performer, henna artist and costume/headdress creatrix. I LOVE making beautiful designs and the transition into floral artistry has been a perfect fit.  I feel so lucky to have found Compass Rose Floral and am looking forward to learning the art from the talented Kim and the whole team. I truly love what I do and I hope that brightly shines through in what we create!

I’m also a dog-mom to the bestest boy in the whole world, Apollo Sunshine <3

 Feel free to reach me at paige@compassrosefloral.com

In addition to being a Floral Assistant, Paige is also a professional henna artist! Working under the moniker Temple Belly Henna, Paige has been practicing the ancient art of henna for over 7 years and shares her offering at many different types of events in the Denver area. From traditional bridal mehndi parties to maternity belly blessings, birthday celebrations to ladies night, Paige's artistry and bright personality make a great addition to any special celebration. Natural henna stains are a unique way to add creative flare to your wedding photos and feel extra special on the big day!


Paige makes her henna own paste which is 100% organic, safe for all ages/skin-types and guaranteed to stain for at least 7 days.
To see more of her work, visit her website at www.templebelly.com or on Instagram at @temple.belly.

Jenni Lietz --> Sales Director

I was fortunate to start my career in the events industry at The Ritz-Carlton, Denver where I planned and executed private events & caterings for 3 years. After needing a change of pace, I joined a local restaurant group, where I spent 2 years developing staff and creating processes. These last two years I spent most of my weekends catering for weddings and quickly realized how much I loved being a part of them. All I knew at this point was how to serve some killer food, but I knew deep down the design and ‘pretty’ things is what excited me most. I wanted to get more into the creative side of events & weddings and am fortunate, after meeting Jaysin and Leah at a bridal show, to call this my full-time gig.

I’m the sappy one in the group, no doubt... I always go in for hugs and get goosebumps when I see a bride walk down the aisle. I equally love good food & wine, but spending time with my husband, Andrew and my daughter, Kaylee are at the very top of the list. Although I’m a Colorado native, we are drawn to the beach life and plan to retire there - someday :).

Feel free to reach me at jenni@compassrosefloral.com

Chris Davison --> Event Specialist 

As young man, I am breaking into the floral/wedding and party planning industry. It was fate meeting Leah. I started out walking Mijo every week and now I’m being introduced to this unique and incredible business. I am learning and growing every day and I look forward to running my own business one day. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and Compass Rose Floral!  

 Feel free to reach me at chris@compassrosefloral.com 

Mijo --> Office Dog

I'm a 2 year old lab something mix. My parents (Leah and Jaysin) rescued me when from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue and I've been living the good life ever since. I run almost every day with mom, play ball with dad, enjoy rawhides, love playing with other dogs and everything mountain related. I sleep 90% of the time and lick your face the rest. I was head of HR but due to too many face kisses I'm now head of shop security.


Our Office: 



Photos by: Felicia Marti Photography (website here)!