Lantern bouquets are a perfect alternative for your bridesmaids to carry! Like these black lanterns with ivory flowers and electronic candles

Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas

April 25, 2019

When it comes to choosing flowers for your big day, you don’t want to forget about your leading ladies! A classic bridesmaid bouquet is the perfect complement to your flowers and if you buy faux bouquets you can let them keep them as gifts after the wedding. But if you’re looking for more unique takes on the traditional bridesmaid bouquet, here are some ideas!

Minimal Bouquet

Most bridesmaids bouquets are a smaller, tighter version of the bridal bouquet. But if you like an even more simple, minimalist style, you can do a single, large flower with a few sprigs of greenery. You can have the same flower for all of your maids, or they can each have a different flower that coordinates with your bouquet!


Greenery Bouquet

For an even more unique look, how about an all-greenery bouquet? We’ve seen these beauties popping up all over Pinterest and they certainly make a statement! Greenery comes in so many amazing textures so you still create depth, even without blooms. You can mix and match a few types of greenery to give the bouquet interest or go with all one style of greens for a cleaner, modern look.


Floral Hoop Bouquet

This is a super modern take on a bouquet and offers your ladies some versatility in how they can carry their flowers. And there are so many different styles! For the actual hoop, you can choose wood, metal or a natural branch material as the base. Keep in mind that because these aren’t as common, florists may not stock the hoops in inventory. So, you’ll probably need to provide the hoops or have them special order them for you. A faux flower hoop would make a great gift for your bridesmaids and is something they could hang in their house or office after the wedding!


Flower Crowns

Make your favorite gals feel like royalty with flower crowns. They’re fun to wear and look amazing in photos! And flower crowns are a great accessory for brides and flower girls too. Just remember to let your bridesmaids know if you’re going this route, so they can plan their hairstyles accordingly.

No matter which option you choose for your bridesmaids, it’s sure to make them feel special. If you need help designing your arrangements, check out these tips for selecting your wedding flowers!


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