The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

April 25, 2019

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and lovers around the world are buying chocolate, flowers and candy to express their deepest feelings. Red roses are a classic gift because they symbolize love and devotion. But did you know that all flowers have unique meanings? You may be surprised to learn there’s more than meets the eye.

Flowers to Send Messages

Flower symbolism dates back centuries and flowers have deep significance in various cultures around the world. According to this article by The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Floriography (or the language of flowers) became especially popular during the 1800s Victorian Era. The etiquette at that time prohibited flirtation and certain communication and it was unacceptable to openly share your feelings. So people turned to florals to share messages, both positive and negative. It was a popular past time to study and decipher the symbols and messages they conveyed.

Choosing Your Bouquet Flowers

Flower meanings have grown and evolved over time, based on various cultures and eras. Below are some of our favorite flowers (and greenery!) and their meanings. You can use this a guide to pick the best flowers for your bridal bouquet, based on the messages you want to convey.

  • Baby’s Breath - symbolizes innocence
  • Eucalyptus - represents purity and protection
  • Hydrangea - represents understanding
  • Orchid - stands for refinement and beauty
  • Peony - represents love and happiness
  • Rose - symbolizes love, passion and devotion
  • Sunflower - represents hope and joy

Color Me Beautiful

Along with types of flowers, colors represent certain feelings and values. These meanings may help you choose the perfect colors for your wedding flowers. Red represents true love and desire. Orange flowers represent excitement and enthusiasm. Yellow means happiness, joy and friendship. Green stands for health and good fortune. Blue symbolizes tranquility and peace. Pink represents happiness and gentleness. And white, of course, is purity, which is why wedding dresses were traditionally white.

A flower is worth a thousand words (or feelings!) It’s fun to think that you can use your wedding flowers to send subtle messages and create good juju for your future with your partner and best friend. If there are certain flowers that are sentimental to you, contact our designers about creating a custom bouquet!