Silk Flowers: The Ultimate Wedding Memento

Silk Flowers: The Ultimate Wedding Memento

April 25, 2019

We’ve talked before about the many benefits of using faux flowers for your wedding. One of the less obvious (but most awesome) perks is that they serve as the perfect memento from your big day! Where your wedding dress gets carefully placed in a box and put on the top shelf of your closet (never to see the light of day), flowers can be displayed in your home and enjoyed for years to come!

Keep your Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is a beautiful reminder of the best day ever. Think about placing it in a space where you’ll see it often, like on your bedroom dresser or makeup vanity.  Every time you look at it, you’ll get all the feels, as you remember your “I Dos” and the celebration of your love for your partner.

Create a Centerpiece

If you don’t want to preserve your exact bridal bouquet but still like the idea of creating a memento, you can use the flowers to create a centerpiece for your home. Remove the ribbon from your bouquet and separate the flowers. Then find a nice vase and trim the flowers stems, if necessary, to make them the appropriate size for the container. (note that you’ll need a good pair of wire cutters for trimming!)

Make a Floral Hoop

If you’re looking for a more modern decor option - think about repurposing your bouquet flowers into a floral hoop. Just like with the centerpieces, you’ll need to disassemble your bouquet and trim the flowers and greenery down to size. You can attach the flowers with thin wire and hot glue. Here’s an awesome tutorial from Make Life Lovely on how to make a DIY floral hoop!

When you choose faux flowers, you’re investing in a memento that will provide sweet memories of your wedding. Whether you decide to keep your bouquet intact or use the blooms to create another beautiful arrangement or decor piece, the flowers will live on beyond your big day, just like the love you and your spouse share for each other.