Faux Flowers for Destination Weddings

Faux Flowers for Destination Weddings

June 12, 2019

With the cost of weddings these days, many couples are opting for intimate destination celebrations. (And it makes sense! Why not put your budget towards a sunny spot of paradise where you can say your vows?) Faux flowers are perfect for destination weddings and here’s why!

Have Flowers Will Travel

Our faux flowers travel really well. They can easily be transported in a suitcase and don’t get damaged easily. (in fact, we recently had a bride use our flowers for her wedding in Mexico!) You can rest easy knowing that your flowers will still look just as good when you get to your destination as they did when you boarded the plane.

Won’t Wilt in the Weather

Sunny, tropical weather often goes hand-in-hand with destination weddings. And one of the biggest challenges with fresh flowers is that they quickly wilt when exposed to hot temperatures. But, have no fear - our high quality faux flowers can handle the heat! And they’ll look fresh and fabulous all day long. (if only hair and makeup would hold up that well…)

No Limit to Your Flower Selections

Often at remote destinations, there are limited options for floral and decor. So, you’re typically limited by the season and local flower selection. But with faux flowers, you can choose any flowers at any time of the year! That means that your vision for your big day isn’t impacted by the location.

Save Money

It’s no secret that goods and services in paradise come with a higher price tag. One of the biggest perks of using faux flowers (whether your wedding is local or destination) is that they’re budget-friendly. You can rent your flowers for a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers! (And that money could go towards a couple of extra margaritas oceanside.)

If you dream of jet setting for your wedding, then faux flowers are for you! Not only will they look awesome when you arrive, but you’ll save money without sacrificing beauty. And that’s something worth celebrating! (along with marrying your best friend, of course.)