Essential Guidelines to Select the Bridal Bouquet

October 07, 2018

Wedding accessory and bouquets for your wedding day should reflect your unique style. Discover how to choose the right one style to look your best!

Essential Guidelines to Select the Bridal Bouquet - Compass Ross Floral

We love flowers! And while we want you to choose whatever look or style gets you excited, sometimes it’s helpful to consider the general rules of thumb that many people use when deciding what to choose.

It’s typically helpful to have an idea of what you want your dress to look like and use that to influence the style of bouquet that you choose. Read more to find out the different types of Wedding Bouquets which will make your bridal look beautiful...


Round - Compass Ross Floral

This type of bouquet is easy to wear and looks amazing with a princess cut dress or "A" cut. Medium sized flowers are most often selected by brides as they’re very versatile.

Cascading Bouquets

Cascading Bouquets - Compass Ross Floral

Cascading bouquets are great if you want to add even more elegance to your overall look. It elongates the figure and adds a more dramatic flair.

Wild Flower/ Rustic

Wild Flower Rustic - Compass Rose Floral

A flounced dress with boho-chic style suits this casual style. The main thing is that the bouquet has a wild air to it, and typically fits well with weddings that are less formal.


Exotic - Compass Rose Floral

The bride who is not afraid to be admired selects this type of bouquet. An outfit with a "V" neckline will direct attention to the waist, where you typically carry the bouquet. It will create a balance and harmony between the two.


Traditional - Compass Ross Floral

Totally white, with only one type of flower and for a classic wedding. It exalts its elegance with a dress of thin straps and delicate accessories in white gold. The simplicity of the bouquet leaves the attention to focus entirely on the bride.


Vibrant - Compass Rose Floral

Contrary to the previous one, bright colors of these Flower Bouquets are the protagonists in contrast to the pure white of your dress.

This bouquet will add spunk, color, and dare I say a little extra happiness to your wedding day.