An overflowing centerpiece of faux white and blush flowers with lush greenery sitting on top of a round marble coffee table in an office setting

5 Reasons to Decorate Your Office Space With Faux Flower Arrangements

August 02, 2019

Whether you have found this article while at work or at home, you know how much better an office or work space looks when it has a few natural looking elements in it. Did you know that there are more benefits than just looking great? Having just one plant in the office can increase productivity, creativity, and decrease anxiety. Lets dive in to some of the reasons to have faux flowers in the office! 

1. Flowers Reduce Anxieties 

Humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature, also known as biophilia. So many of us look longingly out the window and wish that we were outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, but are confined to our 

florescently lit and air conditioned desks. Bringing natural looking decor can reduce that urge and decrease other detrimental emotions. 

A 2010 University of Technology, Sydney study found that workers who had plants introduced to their workspace were: 

- 37% less tense and anxious 

- 58% less depressed or dejected 

- 44% less anger and hostile 

- 38% less fatigued 

2. A Well Decorated Office Attracts New Hires 

When you need to make a new hire you may have just lost an employee or be so overwhelmed with projects that you need someone good, fast! Having a decorated office space can be more welcoming and intriguing for interviewees. 

A 2015 Human Spaces report found that 1/3 of us say that a biophilic design would affect our decision to join a company but that "one in five people have no natural elements within their workspace." 

3. Employees Are More Creative, Concentrated 

Once you hire that fantastic employee you found because you had beautiful floral arrangements that influenced their decision to come work for you, they still need to be productive. 

The 2015 Human Spaces report also found that employees who work in an office that included a natural element scored 15% higher on creative tasks. 

There are also scientific reasons for bringing natural elements into the work space. Attention restoration theory suggests looking at nature for even a short amount of time can shift our brains to a different processing mode, which makes us relax and helps us concentrate. Science Daily reports that enlivening a previously lean space with plants can increase productivity by 15%. 

4. Colors, Colors, Colors! 

Color Psychology may sound like a pseudo science but there have been scientific studies examining the validity of the scientific studies about it! Certain colors affect us in different ways. Through the Associative Network Theory and Ecological Valence Theory, our entire mindset can be altered by the associations we make with different colors. For instance, adding some pink flowers can bring a charming, gentle, and tranquil feeling to the office. Yellow is seen as cheerful, happy, and brings on positive self-esteem. Adding greenery to your workspace can bring a relaxing and calming effect. 

5. Faux is Best, FAUX REAL! 

This brings us to the reason we are all here... faux flower arrangements! 

Why do faux? If we haven't already drilled it into your head in other parts of our website, faux is just better for so many reasons. 

- Faux flowers are eco-friendly. Silk flowers don't get thrown away after they wilt and die. Installing real flowers in your office seems like a nice idea but when it is time for new ones you can't return them to your florist and have them be used for another gorgeous design like you can with our flowers. They just take up space in your dumpster and head to a landfill. 

- Faux flowers are incredibly cost-effective. Renting your flowers is a great way to decorate your space on a budget. You aren't the only one who will enjoy these beauties which brings the cost down, and you also aren't paying for maintenance and upkeep of keeping the flowers looking great until they arrive in your office. Renting faux flowers can be up to 50-75% cheaper than real flowers.

- They travel great! We have sent flowers away for destination weddings and heard that the guests still didn't know that they were faux. When we deliver faux arrangements to you you won't have to worry about wilting, tearing, or bending. You also won't have to worry about soil spilling out or needing to be replaced. 

- You don't have to worry about anything. All you have to do is decide to have our faux flower arrangements in your space and pay for the rentals. We will take care of everything else. Our designers will come to you to evaluate what will work best in your space. Then they'll design and create the arrangements in our Louisville studio and send our delivery driver out with your designs when they're ready! We will bring them in and set them up exactly where you and our design team decided was best. 

When its time for a new design we will come collect arrangements and replace them with something new and equally gorgeous! 

So, this ended up having more than 5 benefits with the hidden bullet benefits but more is definitely better in this case. Reach out to us at for more information and to get started on your designs today!

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