5 Crazy Reasons we Carry Flowers at Weddings

5 Crazy Reasons we Carry Flowers at Weddings

April 25, 2019

Have you ever been to a wedding without flowers?  A bride without a bouquet?  Probably not.  But why are flowers so consistently part of our wedding traditions?  Here’s some of my favorites.


To Mask Body Odor:


Flowers signify new beginnings, fidelity, and the hope of fertility. Well, in ancient days the original intent of the bridal bouquet was to cover up the smell of the bride. Yes, that’s right; at that times brides were exuding a lot more than just romance.

During 15th century, people didn’t bathe too much. Bridal bouquets were used to hide their body odor and prevent their future husband from running away.


 Romans Love


This reason takes you to the Roman era. The Romans did not have bridal bouquets, but flower garlands symbolizing new life and fertility. Brides used to wear these garlands. After that, this tradition evolved and aphrodisiacs such as Dill were added to garlands to get the newlyweds in the right mood.


 The language of love: Luxury_Silk_Flowers

 You’ve probably heard people say that different flowers have different meanings – red roses for love, yellow for friendship, etc.  This originated in Victorian times, when flowers were sent as a message to your lover. Each flower has a different meaning, according to the language of flowers: floriography. Due to these romantic messages, flowers became a new wedding tradition which we now gladly embrace.


To Ban evil spirits from the wedding: Military_Wedding_Silk_Bridal_Bouquet

In the middle ages, people were much more superstitious than we are now. Because of this, brides would often carry a “bouquet” of strong smelling herbs like garlic in order to banish evil spirits from their wedding.


To protect the bride:


Have you ever wondered why we do the bouquet toss at the end of the wedding?  Do you know from where this tradition comes from?

Back in the day, the bride was considered very lucky. People thought that some of this luck would transfer to them if they ripped off pieces of her dress. To distract the wedding-goers, the bride began tossing her bouquet towards the eager crowd.

When everyone attempted to catch the bouquet (which also had some bride-luck rubbed onto it), the bride and her groom would quickly escape to their bridal chambers unscathed.  Eventually people stopped going after pieces of the wedding gown and the crown jewel of wedding luck became the bridal bouquet.  You know that one crazy friend of yours that is ready to scratch out someone’s eyeballs in order to catch the bouquet at a wedding?  Now you know why.